International Chemistry Tournament 2020 in Krakow

It is pleasure for us to inform that International Chemistry Tournament 2020 will be scheduled in Krakow (Poland). The tournament will be played between 23-27 August 2020 in Faculty of…

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IChTo-2019 Final Results

The 3rd International Chemistry Tournament has finished on August 24th. As a result of the final stage, the team Hungarian Team Red from Hungary is the absolute winner of the…

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The results of stages #1–3

The 3rd IChTo has started on August, 21st. Teams from Iran, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore and Thailand take part in the tournament. Here we publish the results…

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Problem #6

Get low Oxidation state is an profound concept in modern chemistry which enables us to predict properties of chemical compounds as well as their structural units. We know a lot…

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Problem #5

Active metal nanosponge. Selective dealloying is an efficient method to create materials with high surface area. For example, Raney nickel or recently popular nanosponges (Nature, 2001, 410, 450-453) are prepared…

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Problem #4

Problem #4. No matter how you spin it? In Harry Potter book series, an important part of potion preparation is direction of stirring (clockwise or anti-clockwise). Suggest an experiment in…

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The 3rd Problem

The Periodic Law Illustration One of the most salient features of the periodic table is, well, periodicity at which element properties change. For example, electronegativity increases as we go across…

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The 2nd Problem

We publish the 2nd problem! Reduce, reoxidise, recycle Imagine you want to set up the museum of chemistry where different chemical reactions are demonstrated to the public. Suggest a diverse…

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The 1st Problem

We start publishing the tasks! This year we will publish one task in a few days. And the first one – "Chemical vacuum pump" Suggest a system comprised of a…

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IChTo-2019 registration is open

Dear colleagues,  We are glad to invite teams of high school students to participate in the 3rd International Chemistry Tournament (IChTo). It will be held at Lomonosov MSU, Moscow, Russia,…

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IChTo-2018 Final Results

The second IChTo has finished on August 24th. As a result of the final stage, the team NUS H from Singapore is the absolute winner of the Tournament. Diplomas of…

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IChTo-2018 Third Day Results

Dear participants! We publish the results of the first three days. Good luck everyone tomorrow!

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IChTo-2018 Second Day Results

We publish the results of the Second stage of the IChTo. See you tomorrow!

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IChTo-2018 First Day Results

We publish results of the first stage of the tournament. Good luck to everyone tomorrow!  

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IChTo-2018 schedule

Dear participants! The schedule of the 2nd International Chemistry Tournament: 20th August – arrival, team briefing (at 5 p.m.) 21st August – opening ceremony, 1st semifinal round 22nd August – 2nd semifinal…

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Publication Of The Six New Problems

Publication of the six new problems

Dear colleagues,We are glad to present the first part of the IChTo-2018 problem set. It contains 6 of 12 problems of the Tournament. Another 6 tasks will be presented in…

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Registration To The IChTo-2018 Is Open

Registration to the IChTo-2018 is open

We are glad to invite teams of high school students to participate in the 2nd International Chemistry Tournament (IChTo). It will be held in Moscow State University, in August 20-25,…

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Hungary Is Already Preparing For IChTo!

Hungary is already preparing for IChTo!

16 December  in Budapest for the first time passed the national selection for the II international chemical tournament. The stage was attended by 13 students from different cities of Hungary.…

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The Results Of The IChTo-2017

The results of the IChTo-2017

The first in the world International Chemistry Tournament (26-30 June) was held at the Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University. The International Chemistry Tournament is a team competition for curious…

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The results of the second day

It's been a hard and eventful day. And now we have the results of all 3 stages. The results of the I–III stages

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Program Of The International Chemistry Tournament

Program of the International Chemistry Tournament

This is the program of IChTo-2017. Details of the cultural program will be updated later. June, 26th During the day Arrival 17:00 Teams briefing June, 27th 10:00 Opening ceremony 10:45…

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Registration For The IChTo-2017 Is Closed

Registration for the IChTo-2017 is closed

We're glad to inform that we have received applications from 9 countries. It's Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Thailand and Ukraine. Good luck for the…

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Registration Is Open

Registration is open

We are glad to announce that organising committee of the International Chemistry Tournament has set the registration deadline to 1st of May 2017. To register your team please visit…

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What Is The Chemical Tournament? (test News)

What is the chemical tournament? (test news)

Что такое химический турнир? Химический турнир – это командное и, в некоторой степени, творческое соревнование для школьников по химии. Чем он отличается от олимпиад? Первое и, пожалуй, самое главное отличие – это…

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