Registration is open

We are glad to announce that organising committee of the International Chemistry Tournament has set the registration deadline to 1st of May 2017. To register your team please visit http://ichto.org/en/registration/. The Tournament will take place at Moscow State University (Russia) on 26–30th June 2017.

According to the Rules of IChTo-2017 teams of participants should include from 4 to 6 students. Age upper limit is set to 18 years old and there is no lower limit. All of the participants must not be enrolled as regular students in any post-secondary education institution for it is a school tournament. Participation fee is established at 120 euros per person.

We remind that we have already published the Problem Set. You may find it here. There are 12 different open-ended problems ranging from inorganic to organic and physical chemistry, from estimating of the seaborgium colors to the describing possible tesseractane structures. According to the Rules it is not necessary to solve all of the problems (see the challenge accepting procedure for details). A team may decline a challenge three times without any penalty factor. We also hope that you will enjoy solving them.

Chemistry Tournament is a team competition for students of upper secondary schools. It combines aspects of olympiads and scientific conferences. Each problem of the Problem Set demands a brief research and a bit of creativity to find a perfect solution. During the final stage teams challenges other teams or being challenged to defend solution for chosen problem. Teams act sequentially as a reporters, opponents and reviewers. Their performance is evaluated by jury.

Invitation letter