What is the Chemistry Tournament?

The Chemistry Tournament is a team and quite creative competition

How is it different from the Olympiad?

The first and perhaps main difference is the type of the tasks. All Tournament tasks are “open-type” and don’t have certain solutions in contrast to Olympiad tasks. Sometimes a task author doesn’t know the right solution and whether there is any solution.

Secondly, the Tournament is a team event (teams of 4 to 6 people take part in it). So not only personal skills are important, but a capacity for teamwork and communication skills. Also it’s very important to build a right strategy but that’s the topic for another discussion.

What role can a participant perform?

There are four main roles one can perform:

  • A Reporter: introduces and defends the task solution
  • An Opponent: gives a brief description of the solution, points out the shortcomings of the report, discusses it with the reporter and makes a conclusion about how good the task was solved.
  • A Reviewer: evaluates the performance of the reporter and the opponent, points out main shortcomings of the report and the opposition.
  • An Observer: can ask questions to anyone. This role exists only in four or five team sections.


What do the teams do before the Tournament?

Each team solves the tasks and makes a presentation for every task (except the tasks from which team is going to refuse) to introduce and defend solutions.

What happens in the Tournament?

Here is a scheme that should help you to understand how the Round goes.